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How Greenfield SMBs Still Benefit from Faxing

The fax machine remains an integral piece of equipment in today’s workplace. There’s a common misconception that it is outdated technology; yet, businesses of all kinds, including SMBs here in Greenfield, Indiana still rely on this type of communication today. With multifunction printers (MFPs), you can copy, scan, print, and fax all from one device. It’s this kind of convenience that allows faxing to fit right in with all of your other tasks.

Benefits of Faxing

SMBs are constantly trying to keep up with larger competitors. It’s an ongoing initiative that is often supported by new technology. MFPs provide this kind of technological update while simultaneously keeping all relevant forms of communication intact—such as faxing. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of faxing in 2018:

• Security: Today’s digital world of cloud technology and e-mails brings with it many security threats. Hackers are constantly working to infiltrate these systems—and many hackers do so with success. This is where the trusty fax comes into play. Sent using a phone line, these transmissions are nearly impossible to hack. For this reason, law firms and healthcare agencies who process a significant amount of confidential data rely on faxes on a daily basis to transport information.
• Record of Transmissions: There’s no need to worry if your fax was delivered or not. You get peace of mind with a record of all sent transmissions. You can browse through this log to make sure your fax was completed, providing a paper trail to your transactions.
• Quick and Painless Process: Using cloud technology often takes a few extra steps to print, sign, and scan back into the system. With the assistance of an MFP, you can quickly and easily fax your documents in a matter of seconds.
• Not EVERYONE Uses Email: You will come across some businesses that prefer fax over email. This is mainly due to the benefits listed above. It’s important to be able to fax to those clients that use this as their main form of communication.

The fax machine remains a staple communication device in the workplace, and there are businesses right here in Greenfield, Indiana faxing to accomplish their daily tasks. With the help of MFPs, it’s easier than ever to send and receive faxes. To learn more about MFPs and other ways to implement faxing options at your office, contact us today.

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