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Should I Buy A Copier Online?

Should I Buy a Copier Online? The short answer is…no you shouldn’t buy a copier online. But before you assume that we’re just saying this…

Copier Lease

How Does a Copier Lease Work?

How Does a Copier Lease Work? Are you a business looking to lease a copier or multi-function printer? You may be asking yourself what all…

Konica production printer

In-House Production Printing Benefits

In-House Production Printing Benefits If you’re reading this, my guess is that you are outsourcing the printing of a significant volume of high-quality material. Outsourcing…

Copier Lease

Should I Lease or Purchase a Copier?

Should I Lease or Purchase a Copier? You need a new copier (multi-function printer) or maybe many of them, but now the question is, “should…

How Much Does a Multifunction Printer Cost?

How Much Does a Multifunction Printer Cost? When you’re looking to purchase or lease a new multifunction printer (sometimes referred to as a multifunction copier)…

Safe Online Holiday Shopping Tips

Patrick Farmer, Director of Technical Operations, presents “Pastries with Patrick” a new series of discussions with fellow Braden employees to provide education on basic cyber…

Education Solutions for Your School District

Braden works with top of the line equipment and software providers like Konica Minolta, Kyocera, and Papercut to help your school function smoothly and efficiently….

Can You Identify a Malicious Email?

A recent trend in email hacking, called social-engineering, is a modern twist on an old trick. Many of us know and understand that we shouldn’t…

Braden Celebrates 30-Years in Business

On May 5, 1989, Dave Braden officially started his company: Braden Business Systems, Inc. Dave began his business by selling fax machines out of the…

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