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Should I Buy A Copier Online?

Should I Buy a Copier Online?

The short answer is…no you shouldn’t buy a copier online. But before you assume that we’re just saying this because we want your business, let us explain.

You will find seemingly great deals online for the same or similar products. You won’t have to talk to a salesperson, and you can order the product and be on your way. It sounds simple and might cost you less…initially. However, it could end up costing thousands of dollars and many headaches down the road.

So, let’s say you have a business and you’re in need of a multi-function copier. It’s easy and not very time consuming to do a little research, go to the Google shopping tab and find a long list of devices that fit your criteria and budget. What could wrong?

Here’s why we say “you probably shouldn’t buy a copier online”:

Business Needs

You are perfectly capable of making smart business choices, but you can’t be an expert in everything. An online buying experience won’t identify custom print options for you and your business. You could be missing out on important features that would increase your productivity and make your life easier.

A local office equipment dealer can recommend equipment based on your unique needs, (current and future) so you’re guaranteed to get a device that works for your business.

Installation & Setup

Buying a copier online most likely leaves the installation and setup in your court. Are you prepared for the pitfalls you are likely to encounter? We certainly wish it was as easy as plugging it in and flipping a switch, but that’s rarely the case. There are hard drives, print drivers, firmware updates, networks and more to consider when you set up the device. If you don’t connect to the network correctly, you could also be putting your data at risk.

By making the purchase online, you are missing out not only on an expert installation and equipment training for you and your team, but copiers purchased online won’t come with start up supplies like toner.

Service Contract

What happens if something breaks on that copier you just bought? Do you know which service company you’ll call? Your online purchase won’t come with a service contract, which can result in costly repairs, parts, and expensive replacement of consumables like toner.

However, a copier lease with a service contract could end up saving you money.

Questionable History

A new copier is a clean slate. Technical issues aren’t likely to pop up as soon as you’re up and running and you know that it hasn’t been mistreated. However, a used or refurbished device has a history you know nothing about. It’s sort of like purchasing a used car without looking at the Carfax. Additionally, you take on a security risk of not knowing whether the hard drive has been cleaned or not.

Your local copier dealer will also have used and refurbished copiers if you’re on a budget, but they come with guarantees. Essentially, you get to see the Carfax before you buy.

You Don’t Know the Seller

There are tons of wholesale websites and eBay listings, but you know next to nothing about these companies. Whose door are you going to knock on if something goes wrong? Do you call customer service and talk to a real person?

It’s comforting to know that a local dealer will have a list of references for you to call on and make sure the company is worth your time and money.


Just because you CAN buy a copier online doesn’t mean you should. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about buying or leasing your next copier.

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