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Should I Lease or Purchase a Copier?

Should I Lease or Purchase a Copier?

You need a new copier (multi-function printer) or maybe many of them, but now the question is, “should I lease or purchase my new copier?” We get this question a lot and figured it was time to share the answer with everyone.

We can tell you that roughly 90% of our business clients lease their copiers because it is generally more cost effective when looking at the whole picture. And, a lease allows you to easily keep up with changes in technology.

With that said, every business is different, and one may benefit more from a lease, while the other benefits from purchasing. We can’t make the decision for you, but we can certainly help you understand who benefits from leasing and purchasing.


Why Should I Lease a Copier?

As we mentioned, 90% of businesses choose to lease a copier rather than purchase.  Why is that?

Afford a Better Product

A lease will allow you to afford the copier you really need, the one with the extra finishing option that would be especially nice to have. Additionally, if you are planning to grow your business in the next few years, you may need a copier that can handle more than your current needs.

Option to Upgrade to New Technology

Technology changes rapidly and leases allow you to upgrade your equipment to the newer available products at, or near the end of, the contract.  Copiers are much more complex than they used to be and connect with a variety of devices, technologies and software in the modern office.  A lease allows a business to keep up with their internal and external technology mediums.

Consistent Monthly Expenses

Leases offer a consistent monthly payment that matches your business needs with expense and allows for easy budgeting. If you include a full-service maintenance plan in the lease (which is optional), you’ll have a flat monthly fee, which means no cost surprises for consumables or service over the life of the lease on the device(s).

Lower Upfront Costs

Leasing a copier offers lower upfront costs and most copier leases do not require a down payment (with qualifying credit approval).  Leases can be extended (with approved credit) up to 63 months, meaning rather than paying for everything up-front, the payments can be spread out over a fairly long period of time.


Why Should I Purchase a Copier?

Per the statistics, 10% of businesses do indeed choose to purchase a copier.  Why do they do this?

Budgeting Requirements

Some budgeting processes dictate no leasing or financing.  Certain governmental, non-profit and school districts have certain provisions which require a purchase vs. a lease.

Specific Tax Advantages & Cash on Hand

Some organizations that are tax advantaged and have fungible cash on hand could consider a purchase vs a lease.  We recommend getting with your accounting gurus to review your specific circumstances.

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Challenges of Purchasing

Cash Upfront

You must have the cash up front and if you need equipment with a lot of add-ons and that could be a large chunk of money.

Outdated Equipment

As we mentioned, technology changes quickly. When you own the copier, you will be stuck with equipment that is outdated and eventually will need to be sold, donated or recycled.

Unexpected Costs

Machines break, and when you own them you are responsible for the cost to fix.  Depending on the problem and age of the device, this can be costly.


Consider the Tax Implications

There are tax implications for both leasing and purchasing copiers. Copiers are depreciating assets, which can be claimed on taxes, but many equipment leases can also be claimed on taxes. Both leased and owned copiers fall under the Section 179 deduction when companies file taxes.


So, Should I Lease or Purchase a Copier?

After reviewing why the majority of companies lease instead of purchase their copiers, you may be wondering what to do next. Unless your organization has particular budgeting requirements or tax advantages that require a purchase, leasing may be the better choice.

If you decide a lease is right for you, be prepared to ask a few questions:

  • Who is the leasing company?
  • Is there a buyout option in the lease?
  • How long is the lease term?
  • Do we need to insure the equipment?
  • Can I add equipment to the lease at a later date?
  • Can I terminate the lease early?
  • Tax implications? Is property tax included?


Braden Business systems is here to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your business. Give us a call today and we will discuss all your options with you.

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