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Understanding Data Breaches

Data breaches are all over the news and there’s a good chance, at some point, your personal information has been compromised. To what degree will vary and often, just changing your password will safeguard your information once again.

However, when data breaches occur at your business, you have different problems. These breaches and release of private data can cost your business money through fines, loss of operation time, and can negatively affect
your reputation moving forward. Consumers are becoming more aware of their personal data and its value, which means you must protect that information on every front.

What constitutes a data breach?

Cyber-attack– Hackers use ransomware, phishing social engineering, skimming techniques to access
private information.

Theft or device loss– Improper disposal of data (resulting in theft) or loss of laptops, smartphones, and USB drives with protected information

Employee error– Sending the wrong information to the wrong person, leaving sensitive data in
view of others, losing documents, etc… these are all mistakes that can cost your business.

Insider threat– When employees are upset or know the value of private data, they can be more likely to leak the information in a malicious attempt to damage the company or increase their own personal profits by selling the information.

Avoiding Data Breaches

  • You should have a risk assessment performed at least once a year- once you know where your biggest risks are, you can increase security in those areas. Hint: typically, the biggest threats are people and devices.
  • Protect your data with safeguards such as encryption and employee data training.
  • Being able to detect an attack or threat to your security can stop a data breach before it happens.
  • Can you respond in a timely manner if you do notice a breach of security? There should be a chain of command to get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible.
  • If you do suffer a data breach, having a recovery plan is essential so you don’t permanently lose data or operational time.

While all of this may seem overwhelming, we’re here to help secure your business! From managed IT services, to IT consulting, to software for devices like your copiers, we have your data covered. We’ll help you identify risks, minimize risks and create a plan if a breach occurs. Contact us today for more information.

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