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What is Document Automation?

Many businesses are struggling to optimize their document processes.

You may be spending too much time (and money) creating repetitive documents and forms, which takes away from other tasks. To solve the issue of inefficient document workflows, you need a document automation plan. But what exactly is a document automation plan and how will it help your business?

Let us explain…

Document automation (sometimes referred to as document assembly) is a process which allows software to build documents automatically rather than an individual having to manually create them each time. These software programs are ideal for legal documents and insurance or mortgage paperwork, which are repetitive except for some individual details.

The automation of this process decreases time spent by employees, total cost and human error. With software programs like Prism, you can quickly, easily and accurately create documents for your business.

Document automation sounds great, let’s go!

Like other updates to your workflows, you should conduct the research to determine if it’s worthwhile for your business. Automation does save time and money, but it isn’t free. The amount time saved depends on who creates the document templates.

Start by thinking about the types and number of documents you want to automate:

  • How often do you use the document?
  • What are the lengths of the documents?
  • How many pieces of the document will need custom content?

The longer a document is, the more time you’re likely to save. The more a document is used, the better your ROI will be with automation. And typically, the more pieces that need to be customized, the more time you’ll save by NOT doing it yourself each time.

Who creates these document templates?

Ideally, you’ll want to create the documents templates in house. Creating the template in house provides you with the ability to maintain those documents and eliminate errors from someone who may be unfamiliar with the subject matter. A great software program, like Prism, makes this easy to do!

Finally, do your research on the technology provider you plan to go with and the software they offer. Does it feel like a good fit for you? Once you’ve done the research and are open to new workflows, give us a call! We’ll help you determine the best fit and next steps.

We can help!

Braden Business Systems offers Prism software for document automation as well as many other software programs for document management. Contact us today for more information on updating your current workflows.

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