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Data Backups & Monitoring

As a modern business owner, you know that your business relies on information to function and survive. You need to keep all sorts of information, from employee and business records to customer data, stored and safe to maintain business continuity. However, this information is also vulnerable to compromise. Factors like employee errors, computer failures, malware penetration, natural disasters, and more can compromise or destroy the information your business requires to function and profit.

An IT managed service provider (MSP) maintains the well being of your business information, and your entire business, by offering a data backup and monitoring service. This service ensures that your information is constantly safe. In addition, when an unexpected disaster occurs, it provides a backup plan that maintains your business continuity.

Server Monitoring

Your business data will always be susceptible to various hazards and risks. A server monitoring service run by an MSP severely reduces that risk by providing you with a technician or an automated system that remotely oversees the wellbeing of the data on a 24/7 basis. Depending on your choice, the data is kept both onsite and in remote, isolated servers for redundancy and additional protection. The monitoring service keeps track of the data, no matter what the location.

Specific features in data monitoring include:

  • A centralized site that overlooks and manages multiple servers from a single system
  • Constant monitoring of any data issues
  • Alert system and communication to resolve issues
  • Escalation plans for each event and hazard
  • Resolution of minor server problems before they escalate
  • A variety of tools used to monitor and notify of potential issues
  • A flexible system that allows additional monitors, if needed

Data Backup

Sometimes, there are unexpected issues or events that no amount of monitoring can prevent. Human error, a vicious computer virus, damage from a fire or natural disaster, and hardware malfunctions can render your data unusable or even destroy it entirely. A data backup plan copies all your business information and keeps it safe from any onsite risks. Having this backup will reduce downtime during data restoration.

A data backup plan usually features the following:

  • Reliable backup to and from your chosen target locations, such as the MSP cloud platform, direct to your cloud infrastructure, or any preferred location
  • Assistance with data restoration process
  • Production of daily backup success reports
  • Upgrades and enhancement of data backup and recovery methods

No matter what kind of business you run, you will always need information to ensure everything runs consistently and efficiently. By obtaining a data backup and monitoring service, you can ensure that your MSP will protect your data and that an emergency situation does not majorly disrupt your business.

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