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Security & Compliance

Today’s business world heavily depends on technological systems and information that organizations use to function and thrive. Keeping both elements safe from numerous threats online is a crucial responsibility you must undertake as a business owner. The security of your network infrastructure not only protects your business, but also allows you to meet the compliance requirements set by your clients in the government, industry, or nonprofit sectors.

Besides generally relating to the protection of your network infrastructure, security and compliance have different goals that you must meet to run a successful business.

What Is IT Security?

IT security, also known as information security (IS), is the application of due diligence, due care, and good care measures to protect the integrity, privacy, and availability of your important business elements. An effective IS program takes a careful look at your organization’s security needs and implements the appropriate physical, technical, and administrative methods to meet the security demands.

Data breaches continue to be a threat to a company’s sensitive data, so it’s important that companies implement security solutions to safeguard their information from cyber threats.

A few of the reasons it’s important to have cyber security solutions in place include:

An increase in cybercrimes. Businesses of all sizes are at risk of a data breach if they don’t have the right antivirus software in place. Malware attacks and phishing schemes are evolving threats that can expose a company’s valuable assets and data.

Protection for cloud storage. Now more than ever, many organizations are using the cloud to store and manage data, including data that is sensitive in nature.

Prevent harm to your business. IT security services from Braden Business Systems can prevent files and systems from being corrupted. Cybercrimes that lead to security risks can also cost companies millions of dollars and lead to information breaches including financial information, trade secrets, and personal data.

What Is IT Compliance?

IT security compliance has the specific goal of meeting the security requirements established in numerous industries, including healthcare, government, education, nonprofit, or other industry and commercial fields. It is often legally required to meet the security standards outlined in these industries. Failure to meet these requirements affects your reputation, can result in fines and potentially an end to operating in certain markets. Some common security compliance frameworks include GDRP, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA compliance.

IT security compliance can benefit a company in a number of ways, including:

  • Helping companies avoid paying fines and penalties if they are not aware of the existing compliance laws applicable to specific industries.
  • Helping your business’ reputation and improving company culture.
  • Enhancing data management capabilities.
  • Maintaining customer trust.
  • Improving business efficiency.

Benefits Of Balance

To maximize the protection and success of your business, you must place focus on meeting both IT security and compliance standards. Compliance standards encourage your company to do the bare minimum in maintaining security.

However, if you are truly looking for effective security, you also need to identify threats to your network above and beyond compliance and work to mitigate risk. IT security encourages your organization to raise the security standards and implement more complex measures, such as in-depth defense, user awareness training, and layered security systems.

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