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Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO)

If you are a business owner or leader, you certainly understand the need for leadership in any workforce and any system. When you bring in an IT managed service provider (MSP) to work with your business, you are not just hiring a staff of IT professionals, but you are also including leadership that will directly work with you and your workforce to ensure that your technology services your business.

What Is a Virtual Chief Information Officer?

A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is an executive, contractor, or company in charge of IT implementation and strategy within an organization. You may hire a vCIO independently to help with your existing IT system or as a part of a service plan by an MSP. These officers will meet with you several times throughout the year to establish plans that will improve how your technology affects your business.

Responsibilities of the vCIO

A vCIO generally fills in the same responsibilities that an internal CIO usually takes on. The vCIO working with you will provide leadership and a specific vision that guides how the MSP’s IT system will integrate with your existing workplace. The vCIO will work directly with both you and your employees to guarantee the best practices for integrating the new systems. In addition, the person in this position advises on the planning of the IT budget required for your business.

Among the specific responsibilities the vCIO assumes are:

  • Providing strategies, planning, development, and evaluation of technology systems for the client’s infrastructure
  • Ensuring efficient communication between MSPs, other IT crew, and the employees within your organization
  • Managing communication systems such as voice data and automation
  • Advising on the client’s back office computer operation of the data system, which includes local and wide area networks
  • Defining systems to ensure efficient and productive use of computer hardware and software by the end users
  • Overseeing the compliance of the provided cyber security initiatives with numerous laws and standards

Services of a vCIO

A vCIO brings leadership and organization to your company’s IT service department. Some of the multiple specific services a vCIO brings to the table include:

  • Establishing a leadership structure in the IT department
  • Providing an IT strategy that allows growth and long-term planning
  • Establishing an IT department structure ideal for the business
  • Coaching IT, and if necessary, client staff
  • Provide leadership during IT budget planning
  • Establishing quality standards for hardware
  • Assembling a helpdesk assistance service, if requested
  • Encouraging leadership qualities among IT staff

The implementation of managed IT services in your company brings a variety of benefits to your business, but the driving force behind all those benefits is the guidance of the virtual chief information officer. The vCIO will provide you with the roadmap that ensures your network infrastructure and your technology systems work with your business to reach growth and success.

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