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Security Solutions

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your information. There are several aspects of data security that many businesses ignore or simply do not know about. But at Braden, we take document and network security seriously. We understand how to keep sensitive material from leaking out and causing widespread damage. Braden takes a proactive approach to ensure each client’s security by using advanced technologies and monitoring tools to prevent and defend against attacks today and in the future, including:

  • Detecting network changes that signal an attack
  • Monitoring individual users and devices to detect abnormal activity
  • Implementing safeguards to protect your network
  • Enforcing security practices to maintain compliance with key regulations
  • Providing detailed reports on security performance to stakeholders

We can help you establish technical and non-technical cyber and document security controls and practices to protect your business, and minimize the risk of damage or disruption to information resources.

Computers & Network

Protecting your computers, laptops, and IT network is paramount to business success. At Braden, we have the security solutions you need to ensure all of your data and devices remain secure on your network and in the cloud. We also provide backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure your important business data never gets lost or destroyed. Let us protect your business and what you’ve worked hard for from falling into the hands of data thieves.


When it comes to document security, we’ve got you covered—from paper to digital, we’ll protect and secure all of your business documents. Braden provides accountability and security on printing devices to ensure printed documents are in the right hands. Print management software also tracks all printing activities across all imaging equipment. Document management software ensures that your digital documents are properly indexed and only accesses by approved employees.

Imaging Equipment

Security breaches can happen in any number of ways, and your printers and copiers are not immune to this threat. Many of printers, copiers, and MFPs store information, and when information is stored, it must be protected. Secure hard drives are a great bet, but we also provide hard drive “shredding” to erase your hard drives before a machine leaves your office—ensuring no sensitive data ever leaves your office.

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